• Converter 2x DALI / Ethernet
  • Powered by PoE or by terminals 9-32V
  • Indication of communication on DALI bus
  • Signalization of connection on DALI bus
  • Galvanic isolation DALI/ETH
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Converter two DALI  buses / Ethernet

DALI2net has two areas of usage:

  • Control and monitoring DALI bus by superior systemAdjusting of device on DALI bus
  • Control and monitoring DALI bus by superior system

Control device may send messages of various length on DALI bus. Except standard messages may be also send messages eDALI, NEMA DALI, DIGIDIM DALI (Helvar) and other optional by user.

DALInet supports Multimaster communication (multiple devices which actively send data on DALI bus). Superior system may sends the data anytime because message collision is handled by convertor.

DALInet sends to superior system all communication ongoing on DALI bus. Superior system is also informed about other events on DALI bus (data collision, shortcut of the bus or connection of mains voltage).

Setup of device on DALI bus

Setup of device on DALI bus can be done with DALIconfig program which is downloadable below for free.
Not only all DALI devices from Foxtron company can be set by this program - DALI4sw, DALIrel, DALIpwm, DALIpwm15, but also devices from other producers.



pdf User manual
pdf Communication protocol
DaliConfig DALIconfig
DaliConfig Manual DALIconfig Manual v0.2
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