DALI multisensors


We would like to present you DALI multi-sensors. It combines presence detector with illuminance sensor. Thanks to this sensors, you can regulate lights to the constant lux level based on a movement. These sensors have a lot of parameters adjustable.

For more information see each product´s description.


DALIpir - PIR  sensor - mounting height up to 2,7m

DALIpir20 - High bay PIR senzor - mounting height up to 15m

DALImiw30 - Microwave sensor - suitable for corridors and aisles



Here is the most common questions regarding DALI bus.


Current sensor DALIcus


Current sensor DALIcus is suitable for current measurement and monitoring of mains appliances using DALI bus. Measuring range is 0-12A. This unit is powered from DALI bus. DALIcus is being manufactured in several variants according to the number of measured currents. Number of measured wires can be up to 6: DALIcus1, DALIcus2, DALIcus3, DALIcus4, DALIcus5, DALIcus6.

Robust outdoor LED light DALIght


We would like to introduce to you dimmable LED light DALIght controlled by DALI bus. Its whole body is made from stainless steal so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. It can be for example installed in the ground or in the stairs as a guidance light. Its ingress protection degree is 65 so it is dust proof and water proof (protection from heavy rain). We can provide nearly any color spectrum of light. 

Dimmable voltage or current source proLED25

Dimmable voltage or current source proLED25 is the DC power source for LED lights. It is easilly adjustable with the DIP switches so there is corresponding current or voltage supply for given aplication. Moreover there is the possibility to control the source with standard DALI or 1-10V interface. You can fluently dimm or proline the lights to get an effective lighting scenes. Performance of the load is managed by precise 11 bit transfer which will guarantee the fluentnes of dimming even in low lighting intensity. To the PEX system can be this source plugged via PEF150 which allows to controll up to 64 of those sources in 15 groups. This source is also equiped with PFC circuits which allows to achieve the great power factor of 0,95. Up to 9 of those sources can be chained together.